Monday, December 14, 2009

Soup recipes?

Anyone have any good soup recipes to share? I figured I should start making soup instead of cookies at this point given my post fill diet.

Vegetarian ones would be particularly appreciated.

I get lunch from this place called Columbine here in Tribeca on occasion, and they have the most to-die-for soups. Makes having soup for lunch an actual luxury. (As does the price, but if that's all you get then it's not bad at all! Another benefit of the band lifestyle).


  1. Oh boy...

    First, I used to work by Columbine, and it lovely albeit ridiculously expensive...and once I added a cookie and a drink, lunch was almost $15.00!

    I have tons of soup recipes, partially cause I have been practicing in the last few months...and I also have been giving away Mason jars full to a bunch of friends that all had babies this fall.

    Start with butternut squash soup...the easiest way and the easy way...

    Butternut Squash Soup

    Wash and trim one large butternut squash. Do not peel! Scoop out the middle, chop in even sized pieces and...the easiest way, is you place it into a soup pot with 4 cups of liquid - veggie stock, chicken stock, whatever. A good pinch of kosher salt and pepper, and let it cook until it is perfectly tender. Immersion blender that down, and you have the most basic and delicious butternut squash soup.

    But I fancy you are a foodie, so you might like these variations...
    1. roast the squash in the oven with a leetle EVOO until it is roasted and caramelized. Proceed as above.
    2. In the bottom of the soup pot, use a little bit of EVOO and caramelize some thinly sliced onion. Add pumpkin, roasted or not.
    3. Chop some onion, carrot, and celery. Saute the onion until clear, then add celery and carrot, saute until slightly caramelized, and pumpkin, roasted or not.
    4. Garnish with cumin crema - little bit of greek yogurt mixed with cumin powder. Or curry. You could add these to the soup as it cooks, but I like it in the garnish. If you do add it, do it while you saute the aromatics in the beginning.
    5. Top with a fried sage leaf - i keep a plant in my kitchen, but you do need to deep fry it in a little pot of oil.
    6. Make squash pepitas and use as garnish. YUM! Also a good low carb snack. Wash well, lay out on tray, sprinkle with salt and possibly cumin, coriander, curry, etc. Roast at 350, checking every 20 minutes so they do not burn.
    7. Sometimes I have poached an egg and serve it in soup...yummy! I like to fake sous vide them.

    I have many many more recipes - ask me if there is anything in particular you are interested in.

  2. Yana! You rock! And you're familiar with Columbine. Super pricey yes. I wrote them off at first because of the prices, but now that I'm just doing soups, I'm really into them again. I'm totally going to be making this soup this weekend! YUM! I'm also on the lokout for a vegetarian chili but I might be able to dig up an old family recipe for that. Or from a friend of the fam.