Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Domesticated Eating

I feel like Alex and I just ate a real, domesticated, married couple meal. With one small exception. I'll get into how it came about in another post, but we just finished eating a meal of bbq chicken (thanks mom for the stove-top grill, and I think that Native Texan bbq sauce was part of dawn's gift of Texan fixin's.) My chicken was of course of the soy variety, but YUM anyway!

And then we had that with mashed potatoes (with aged comte cheese and garlic) and with corn.

We don't always cook at home and when we do, it's not usually a meat and potatoes type of meal, so this just made me feel so domestic and "married." The next step would be to eat a meal at the table instead of instead of in front of the tv watching a movie!

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