Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back down that same pound

Talking about yo-yo-ing. I'm back down one of the same pounds I've been up and down the last couple of months! But at least the scale is heading in the right direction. And given the new year, and no more holidays and no more excuses, hopefully, the scale will continue to head in that direction. Only 6 more til my next mini goal.

How are you all feeling about New Years? I'm not feeling like tomorrow is a big excuse to blow it all. Though we do have plans to attend a New Year's Party of a friends in the West Village, so there will be opportunity. I'll just have to make an effort to count the number of drinks I have and alternate alcohol with water.


  1. Same here - NY is no time to undo all the hard work we have done - though I think a glass or two of champers might be in order - just eat less to make up for it.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Heather!!

  2. Just try and drink alcohol that is not high in calories / sugar. I think its ok to have a few drinks as long as you dont go overboard on the food too. After tomorrow things will be back to normal and there wont be as much temptation around so the scales will continue to move down!!!
    Happy New Year