Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wow Meal: Tofu in Thai Peanut Sauce with Cashews and Boston Lettuce

Another wow meal that will definitely make it into our regular rotation. I adapted these chicken and cashews in lettuce cups from the Real Simple website.

My version included baked tofu sauteed in a thai peanut sauce with some crushed cashews sprinkled on top. The tofu was laid out on a bed of Boston lettuce over Thai lime pilaf.

I wasn't sure of the combination of the peanut sauce and the lime rice at first, but it really popped. And the texture and lightness of the Boston lettuce was a great compliment to the texture of the rest of the meal.

The Thai lime pilaf is a rice mixture with lime, coconut, ginger and lemon grass. I actually purchased it pre-packaged at Whole Foods. It's pictured below. I'd love to try more stuff from that same Tasty Bite brand.

Definitely try your own version. Alex had his with chicken. Since the rice was pre-cooked, the whole thing was super quick and easy.

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