Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wow Meal: Gourmet, hand-tossed pizza

It's no secret that I love good food, but it has to be something special for me to get really excited.

This pizza did it, and I never like pizza that I make myself. It was very satisfying. I'm full but not overly full. Yum!

Okay, enough hype, to the recipe. I posted a link to the Kitchn's homemade pizza recipe earlier this week and decided to try it tonight. It's enough for two small pizzas, or more if you prefer to cut calories. So Alex made his with ramps and pepperoni, and I did mine with ramps and mushrooms. Wow, it was good. Really it was the crust that did it, but that lovely ramp flavor helped as well.

I did have to learn a couple of things the hard way before I got my pizza to turn out just right.

First of all, this is definitely a chewy crust, so you can't overcook it at all. The edges didn't look as golden as the post described so I let Alex's keep cooking. Big mistake. Way too hard. In fact, his was inedible. Not only because we overcooked it, but also because I used wax paper instead of parchment paper underneath the pizza when cooking. Bad idea. Turns out they aren't the same thing! So the apartment smoked up and the wax paper stuck to the bottom of the pizza! Ooops!

So I learned my lesson and used no wax paper the second time and cooked it less.

When I make this again, I'll put the cheese on sooner and will put the cheese under the veg, etc. The recipe only has the cheese cooking a few minutes which wasn't quite enough.

You have to try it! See the recipe here. Remember, it's the dough that makes it special! (It was super easy...)

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