Sunday, May 3, 2009

Breakfast Was a Wash

So I've been planning this breakfast the last few days but in the end, it was a bit of a wash. I sauteed the rest of my ramps with the purple Peruvian potatoes I bought. I also used some of them in an egg white omelette with a hint of parmesan. Then I decided to make an adaptation of the maple tempeh bacon recipe I posted previously.

The ramps were of course divine; however, not really loving the purple potatoes. It's hard to explain why but they're just too starchy and potato-y. And the egg white omelette just needed a little something extra. It ended up rather bland despite the ramps. I think I tried to stretch them too far. I needed more obviously for the three meals I've used them for. I will absolutely be buying more!

The maple bacon just didn't work. Less because of the recipe I linked to and more because I used the Smart Bacon pictured below instead of tempeh. I love the Morning Star Farms soy bacon but not this brand. Their other stuff can be good though.

We didn't end up eating the potatoes. I'm going to bake them to a crisp and try them again with dinner. Fingers crossed!

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