Friday, May 1, 2009

Greenmarket Cooking

Despite the rainy weather, I made my way over to the Union Square Farmer's Market today to get some of the ramps I posted about earlier this week. While exploring, I met this lovely woman, Robin, above who was giving a cooking demonstration on how to cook with ramps. She recommended dicing the white bulbs and cooking them first. Then the leaves later as they don't take as long to cook. Though you can cook them all together at once.

The ramps themselves smelled garlicky and rich! YUM! The recipe she provided was for Skillet Potatoes with Ramps which included paprika. I never would've thought of that! Can't wait to try it this weekend. For the potatoes, I got some purple Peruvian potatoes from the vendor Berried Treasures, shown below, also at the Union Square Farmer's Market. That's where I got the ramps too.

The gorgeous purple potatoes are shown at the very bottom.

Visit Robin's website NYKitchenco here.

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