Friday, April 24, 2009

The Cookie Monster Strikes Again!!

Ummm...yeah...that would be me!

I haven't been sleeping well (which i can't figure out) and have been super tired. Unfortunately, when I'm tired and cranky, I turn to food. So this morning, I had a bigger breakfast than usual to try and combat that a bit. I totally inhaled it! Which was fine, all within my Weight Watchers points. Except that I still wasn't satisfied. But i wasn't technically hungry either.

Tired, having trouble concentrating on the notes for my morning meeting, I went to the kitchen for an extra cup of coffee. Again, okay. But then it happened...*someone* left two big bins of cookies on the kitchen table! Chocolate cookies!

Totally snarfed one down!

So that's the bad part. The good part is that a) it was quite little, b) i resisted a second one by asking myself what good it would really do, and c) this was the third day someone had left out different kinds of awesome cookies. And this was the first time I indulged.

So a little bit at a time I guess.

It's more about why I was eating this morning, than what, at the end of the day, i did eat. My biggest challenge too is that I totally felt better after my snarfed breakfast, cookie and coffee.

I should start calling that gnawing part of me the cranky monster.


  1. Good for you for a.) resisiting a second one and realizing it wouldn't really do any good, b.) not totally denying your craving, whatever the reason for it, and c.) realizing it's more about the "why." That constant feeling of denying our cravings is why most diets fail. It's ok to fulfill a craving every now and then. As long as it's not a habit, of course! I say "Bravo!" (yes, straight from a WW member!)

  2. p.s. dontya just love that silly little orange Hungry Monster on WW? for some reason, those commercials crack me up.