Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sweet Treat: Greek Yogurt

In the past, I would eat yogurt but never really craved it. I think it had to do with the artificially sweetened, non-fat stuff I was eating. It just never had any substance to it and was way too high in sugar and/or had fake sweeteners.

However, recently, I went on the hunt for full fat yogurt. I was thinking I'd rather have plain, better yogurt in small portions than what I've eaten previously.

And now I'm really, really into yogurt. I find the fancier stuff hard to find in my neighborhood, but where I work, there are tons of little health-food type markets with a big selection of either full fat, 2% or Greek yogurts.

The stuff's so thick and good, it's like I'm having a serious treat. So much so in fact, that I think I'll be making yogurt pops out of this stuff come summer.

What a wonderful satisfying afternoon snack. Today's was Fage 2% with strawberry on the side. Totally sticks to your ribs as they say. (Unlike the other stuff!)

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