Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dinner time: Vegetarian Mexican Casserole

Still wanting to experiment with new recipes, I made this vegetarian Mexican casserole. If you haven't had Mexican casserole, it's like a stew with either a mashed potato, or in this case, a cornmeal topping.

I was quite surprised at how much work this was to make. Took me about 2 hours total, including 40 minutes of bake time. Tons of chopping and a couple of different pans cooking at the same time before it goes in the oven. I will admit that I am slow though. Perhaps this would go faster for someone else.

I've never cooked with squash before, so that was new. It's one of the main ingredients of the stew. But I was exhausted, and it was really late by the time it was done. So we decided to reheat the casserole and have it for dinner tonight instead.

It was excellent. Only 7 points. The serving size was huge and very filling!

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