Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My goal is to look like my after picture again

I had a commenter on a recent article note that I must be doing well because she'd taken a look at my after pics on the right nav.

The problem is, as I've mentioned, that I gained a lot of that weight back.

I had Alex take a recent current photo of me but decided it might not be a fair one to use in my before and after shots since i'm wearing foundation garments that make me look skinnier on the bottom than i am! I've added one of the pics here for you guys though! Growing out my bangs is making weird things happen with my hair too!

The good news is, I weighed myself today, granted on a non-weigh in day, and I'm down another 3 pounds since this past weekend.

Can that be right?

It's not official until the same number shows up this coming weekend. But it is encouraging! My goal had been to be down 10 pounds before all my presentations next week at our sales mtg. So far I'm down 6 with 6 days to go! Yay!

Very motivating!

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