Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Super Funk

Maybe I'm just having a bad today, but I'm really hating working from home today. I feel bored and depressed and blah and ready for a major change.

It could be other factors, like that it's overcast and post-Christmas, and I have a new boss and am not working on my favorite project anymore. The deal with that project change is that most of my travel was tied to that project. And that travel is what made my job interesting. Got me out of the house, let me work more with customers etc. So without that, I'm just stuck at home. I'll still go to NYC for work, but some of the other trips will be greatly reduced. At least until next year. Then another project would be picking up travel wise.

I was so into working from home when Alex was home with me. I didn't really get at the time that that was why I liked it so much. I took it for granted.

And today, I'm blah, which is bad for healthy eating. But so far, i'm holding out. Not doing too bad. I did have the thought though "why am i doing this again"? As in Weight Watchers. Why do i need to lose weight? But i also had a decent answer for myself.

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