Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weight Watchers (Post 2 today)

As one of my methods for losing the weight i want to, I just joined Weight Watchers. I googled "promo code" for Weight Watchers Monthly Pass and found 25% off. Pretty good deal as you get a reduced weekly payment, no sign up fee, free online tools and then $10 off.

Anyone else out there a bandster and a weight watchers member?

Needless to say I'm sure I was influenced by the number of times I've seen the Jennifer Hudson WW commercials. But what can I say, she looks good! And some glossy weight watchers mailing even found me at my new address. They're stalking me!

I've done Weight Watchers lots of times, and it definitely works (as does the band) but as is the case with both, you have to work the program!

So here I am once again a WW member. I'm thinking WW will be much easier with the band however. I definitely get fuller faster these days.

And I'm curious to hear the changes to their new program. I know that all fruit and almost all veg are 0 points now. I remember asking a weight loss leader once about the points for veg in my salad, and he was like, really, eat what you want for salad. No one ever got fat on vegetables. Now dressing is another story...

Wish me luck!


  1. good luck! Pre band I was very sucessful with WW.

  2. Good Luck, keep us updated!

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