Friday, January 7, 2011

My Bitchy Twin

I've had this running joke with a few friends about our bitchy twins. That cranky side of me that comes out ever so often. and than even more often other times.

I had someone nickname me Heather Locklear once - just a play on my name - and that nickname transformed into Heather Lochnessmonster. Just one of those play on word things, not an insult. But i've kind of come to own Heather Lochnessmonster and find it highly amusing. It's quite apropos for my bitchy evil twin.

Lots of stressful changes have been happening at work that I'm very unhappy about it I'm honest, and so I was thinking today that it would be a nice vent to just write *&**!x* as my Facebook update. Of course, I can't say ANY of my friends would appreciate that and certainly not coworkers. Maybe I should just create a special Heather Lochnessmonster twitter account just to be bitchy freely when i want.

Of course, i'm joking, but obviously, based on the state of the internet these days. I guess a lot of people out there actually do this!

P.S. The before pic in my right column is what my bitchy twin looks like! ha!

Double P.S. Despite blahs and bitchies and lochnessmonsters, I'm still totally on track food wise and even exercised this week. Shocking i know.

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