Monday, January 3, 2011

Wow, WW has changed!

So before joining WW yesterday, I didn't think I'd had that bad of a day foodwise. I did have a bad breakfast but it was small -- I also had a few fritos in my veg chili and some tootsie rolls.

So I knew I wasn't perfect, but i thought it wasn't thaaaat bad.

Well, I was wrong!

Especially with Weight Watcher's new points plus program. You get more points to start with, but what shocked me is that they dont at all consider calories anymore! HUH!?!

It's a more complex calculation of fat, protein (yay, that's new), carbs and fiber. Very very interesting.

So my can of Whole Foods veggie chili that i thought was GREAT, especially with fresh spinach and onions in it, isn't really. (Not even including the few fritos i threw in). That can was just a bit less than half of what I can eat for the whole day! Of course, that's also a portion size issue. I should be eating half a can. Then it's about appropriate. I do get stuffed on a full can and that's with chili being a bit of a slider food, so half is fine i'm sure. It's just a matter of not letting myself sit down with a full bowl.

And that breakfast I thought wasn't so bad...really was. Those two things for the day and i was just about done points wise. So yesterday's exercise in food tracking made things clear -- they are making major efforts to push low fat and healthier food choices. Not just getting by with not-as-good-for-you low-calorie choices.

I'm excited about this, and it's been a while since I felt that way!


  1. A lot of this is about getting our heads wrapped around the idea of proper portions, isn't it? I think many (most) of us still eat with our eyes to some degree, still derive pleasure from a mountain of food on a plate or a bowl filled to the brim with chili. I don't know about you, but I'm a scrape-the-plate-clean kinda guy, no matter how much I dish out. The key becomes dishing out less... and learning to be satisfied with that.

    Best of luck with the new WW; have heard really good things about the recent changes.

    Happy new year!

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