Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Hungry Girl" Brunch

Alex and I are both finding this new Weight Watchers Points Plus to be so much easier with a band! It's just putting the daily food guidelines we needed into place. And I love that he's doing this with me now.

This morning, I made this really healthy brunch but problem is I chose three foods I get stuck on! Just because they are my traditional notion of brunch. I made Hungry Girl's mini banana pancakes with soy bacon and scrambled egg whites. I just got a bunch of healthy cookbooks from the library, and those banana pancakes really appealed.

The pancakes were decent but could only get down half of them. My only problem with the Hungry Girl recipes is all the fake foods used as ingredients and all the fake sugar.

Also just got Rocco Dispirito's cookbook Now Eat This! from the library. I'm not a big fan of his (which is completely reinforced by his photos in the book) but the cookbook itself is good. It seems as though the book's name was shortened from the catch phrase used inside a lot "Now You Can Eat This!" which really fits better. Basically, he took his favorite comfort foods and made them healthy. All 350 calories or less, or something like that. I see a few recipes I want to try, but there are tons of good meat ones for Alex that he's into. I'll post when we end up making some of those recipes.


  1. yeah, I don't think hungry girl eating is very much fakeness! especially when we have a band and don't need the volume of food others want and are capable of having. I use Splenda for sugar in my tea (hot or iced) but other than that avoid "diet" food. Exception is picking lower fat cheeses, sometimes - E is not in favor!

  2. Interesting post. I checked out the before and after pictures and I am sure a lot of women will feel motivated to see that you have come a long way. Keep it up and you will be back to the good old days. Why does everthing bad taste so good?