Monday, January 3, 2011

Thank goodness for the band

So i'm on day 2 of Weight Watchers and was surprised after just a single serving of thai lime rice and thai coconut soup (1/2 can) for lunch that I was still hungry. i really thought i wouldnt be with the band this tight and all. I had the other half of the can and the rest of the rice and I'm good now. And while it's more points than i'd prefer, i'm still totally on track. Hence the title of this blog post. Not sure I'd be okay with this day so far without the band. Usually on WW, I'm STARVING the first few days until I get used to it.

Though i'm quite susceptible to suggestion today. For example, after looking at a picture of a cupcake, I want a cupcake now. Surprise surprise!

However, after looking at a Whole Foods blog post on grains, I don't actually want grains now. Funny how that works!

Unlike my usual self, I wont just indulge in whatever comes to mind though.

I just heard a McDonald's commercial talking about their fancy chocolate coffees. And it was playing on that idea of subliminal suggestion. Ooh don't you want it, do you want CHOCOLAAATEEE the male announcer kept cutting in. Then they say it's on sale. For whatever reason, I didn't actually want one, but I thought how *mean* for all those people trying to be good on their diets. I guess McDonald's has a very serious vested interest in getting people to break those diets right away, huh?

I wasn't tempted by the chocolate though and I've been good today. Instead of my fancy coffee this morning, i got a small plain decaf coffee and added a mini "snack"-sized glucerna protein shake too it for my breakfast.

This cold I've been fighting is really hanging in there. I'm super loopy today. What I really want is a nap, but since I had a dr's appt this morning, i didn't want to call in sick this afternoon, so i need to hold out for 2 more hours. I'm reporting to a different boss as of today so I need to be on the ball!

As for that morning dr's appt, I went to see the OBGyn about getting pregnant and since we've been trying for 9-12 months with no luck they are going to run a bunch of tests. Looks like the tests might be drawn out over the next 2 months though as they have to be performed on certain days of my cycle, and I'll be out of town for a week. Fingers crossed!

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