Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cookies...uh oh

So everyone was talking about making fires for the east coast blizzard a couple of days ago and someone else said they'd bake, so i got it into my head that i'd bake.

So i took a favorite recipe and cut it in four and used extra WW points i had that day for a handful of cookies as my splurge. Alex and i shared of course.

Day 2 extra points again, made 1/4 of a WW pnut butter cookie recipe.

Today, had a bad day, and ate the remaining cookies. Then baked another 1/4 batch of a non-WW recipe.

I kind of went with the cookie option too because it involves the whole rigamarole of baking and doing the baking dishes in order to reap the reward. I figured i wouldnt want to do that on a regular basis (unlike the option of getting something bad at the store or fast food).

I'm still "on points" miraculously by using part or most of my weekly bonus point allotment.

Part of why i like WW is that it's all about portion control. Which with the exception of the cookies, I've had tons of. Also that you can eat "real" food on it, live a real life, and still have it work.

However, even though i can get away with this, the whole point is to eat healthier. Which in every other way i have been. Tons more fresh foods, fruit and veg etc.

And of course, the whole overall lesson is not to binge and not to turn to food when i'm bummed out.

But i think today was the true screw up day, even if by WW standards i didn't technically. So i learn my lesson today and move fwd tomorrow. Eating so much sugar isn't a good thing, that's for sure.

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