Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Onnnee pounnndd at a tiimmmee

Lost another pound today. Yay! Sometimes it feels like it comes off soooo slowly. However, I also know there's more I could be doing to make it go faster. I've been pretty good about breakfast and lunches. I've given up my fancy coffees and often skip breakfast because the band is tight in the morning and coffee is enough.

Plus, I no longer do lunches like I used to. I don't run out for a sandwhich or anything, I might just have something small that I previously would've considered a snack.

But the afternoons and mostly the evenings get me, and I find that I'm back to old habits of eating from the vending machine, grabbing some chinese food or eating whatever's quick and easy. I eat far less than I used to which is why the weight it still slowly coming off, but I feel like I could really ramp it up if I chose to.

Therein lies the rub. The choosing part. I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with wedding and money stuff and have been feeling a bit cranky lately. Everything I'm working on wedding wise is fun, I'm just starting to stress about it all getting done. And stressing and being tired of course makes me want to eat, cuz that's what I do.

However, I'm grateful it's still coming off! I just wish i could kick myself into high gear instead of being tired and a little cranky...


  1. Oh I hear you about the stress eating. Still fighting that!

    You are doing so well! You will make it to 40 lost soon!

  2. I remember way back when I got married and the stress part was a huge factor - just do the best you can.. this part of your life won't last forever. 40 pounds is SO close!!