Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ice Coffee No Longer Does the Trick

There's nothing I love better than my morning cup of coffee. I usually go out to get it, but when I'm being "good," I just get half a small decaf with splenda and a little half and half.

However, I LOVE iced coffee! The few times I've had it post surgery though it just doesn't go down the same since my band is so much tighter in the morning. Especially if I have food along with it.

I've had it a few times in the morning, like this morning, but I'm not enjoying it as much. Guess I have to stick with the warm coffee from now on.


  1. Funny, I was addicted to iced coffee pre-band - I would get these huge cups with 3 or 4 shots of espresso! And of course half and half and some splenda. Now, it just doesn't taste that great to me. I am psyched because I am saving that $3 or $4 a day I was spending on the stuff!

  2. Yes, the savings can be major too. Now I just spend $1 a day on coffee (usually) instead of $4/day at Starbucks! Though once in a while I allow myself a latte... (Dont think i could handle that many shots though! ;)

  3. Oh tell me about the iced coffee! Pre-band I was horribly addicted too. I don't drink them in the morning (think I need something to warm up the band) but I still have a little one very occasionally. Mind you these are the carton ones not espresso or anything.