Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My second fill

I had my second fill yesterday, and although my doctor doesn't have the gentlest of touches, this time was better than last.
(Only because she didn't extract the fluid to see how much she started with).

However, I watched Alex get his first fill and it looked rather rough!

She seemed pleased with my weight loss so far. 9.5 pounds since my last visit, but I'm not loving it since it'd been 5 weeks (i think). But it's okay.

I got 1cc put in the band, so now i'm to something like 6.6.

Today and tomorrow will be liquids only and I can definitely feel the restriction and the pressure in my chest which got a bit tight when I had my protein shake today. I know that that'll ease up of course over the next two days, but in a perfect world this would be my last fill!


  1. you never know it could be a magic 3 !!!

  2. Oh I hope this brings some great restriction for you! That would be great.