Thursday, October 1, 2009

Met my mini-goal! New pics!

I was incredibly psyched this morning to wake up and find that I met my next mini-goal! I'm 35 pounds down! I was supposed to reach it last Saturday, but I'll take it, even if I am 5 days behind!

I haven't been this weight in like 3 years, so that felt good, but what felt even better was fitting into my "skinny jeans." I had three pairs of jeans in increasing sizes from Lane Bryant. A 22, a 20, and these are an 18. The 22's are gone, the 20's are getting baggy and now I legitimately fit into the 18's. Yayyyy!

I also got to wear one of my new tops from Sarah from Losing Weight, Gaining Tons. It's the red and white striped sweater in these pics here. Super cute.


  1. Awesome! You look great. I love the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants idea. Genius.

  2. Heather, your face really shows the difference. Congrats on the new jeans size and the terrific weight loss mini goal!

  3. Heather ! Big Congrats ! I bet you feel amazing huh? You doing super !!!!

  4. Heather,
    You can totally see that 35 lb's lost! Go you!! Brilliant. And look at your face - it's getting thinner!!

  5. way to go! look how thin your legs are getting.