Thursday, October 1, 2009

BMI Mini-Victory

I was so excited about fitting into my skinny jeans that I didn't even notice that meeting this particular goal also just put me below 40 BMI.

I started at 45 and that was one of the main deciding factors in having this surgery. According to the chart I looked at, I was in the highest category of obesity shown. See below from Wikipedia.

BMI Ranges
Normal = 18.5-25
Overweight = 25-30
Obese Class 1 = 30-35
Obese Class 2 = 35-40
Obese Class 3 = 40+

So now I'm at 39! Obese Class 2. No longer in the "worst" category.

A little at a time...


  1. Outstanding!!!!

  2. Rocking that band! What a nice incentive for you. Oooh I am just two off then getting out of obese 1 and into overweight. Go me!!

  3. That's phenomenal Dash! Major victory. I tried to comment on your blog but couldnt for some reason. Good luck getting your blog problems fixed....

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  5. LOL! That's an AWESOME victory! :) Your pics look great too! Congrats on how well you're doing!!