Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting Stuck

So hopefully I'm not jinxing myself (knock on wood), but I was just reading a few other blogs where people have talked about getting stuck.

I think because I've been able to eat bread and lettuce and different things that some people have trouble with, I've gotten rather lax about chewing thoroughly and taking my time. Mostly I focus on the quantity I eat (sometimes too much I'm sure), but I fear that day when I'm distracted or I choose the wrong food, and I get stuck. I haven't actually had a pb yet either. Alex said he has gotten stuck and had pb's and "slimed." I think those were related to eating meat for him. Since I dont eat meat, I haven't run into that. But I'm sure there are lots of veg foods that can get stuck too!


  1. I imagine carrot if not chewed would get stuck - but i can eat lettuce too. Excellent that you haven't had a PB... keep it like that lol

  2. you jinxed me- i read your blog entry and then at dinner I had the worst pb ever

    hehehe okay it was my fault as I was eating crappy pizza - what made me think I could get away with that I'm not sure

  3. Yes, I've heard carrots can be bad and have mostly been avoiding them. Sorry banditblossum!