Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I compromised and took *some* of the week off

In my last post I mentioned how stressed I am and how I was wanting to just take the week off. I couldn't quite do that, but I did take today and tomorrow off for weddingy-goodness and planning! Yay!

I was just ecstatic when I got home yesterday, dancing around, "la la la, I have two days off!"

It's amazing that such a small thing went such a long way.

I'm also coming to terms with some of the changes at work and stuff is moving forward with the wedding. I want to just get enough done that I can relax and enjoy it when the time comes.

I've also made a point to keep weighing myself. I've realized it doesn't make me neurotic to weigh daily, instead, it's one of the things I need to do for myself to stay on top of my weight. If I don't weigh daily, then i find it easy to just not think about my weight and be in denial about what I eat.

Of course, I find that easy no matter what!


  1. enjoy !! I love taking days off midweek !!

  2. I hear you on the weighing daily - and besides do you remember what it was like when we hit the scales after a whole week only to be disappointed thinking "Is that all??" At least this way, as you said, you can keep yourself accountable day to day.
    Have a lovely two days off. You well and truly deserve it.

  3. Hey, as long as you don't get neurotic from a daily weigh in-- it can really help you understand your body's own ups and downs!!