Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Me Eating Cake

So yesterday my coworkers hosted a little work birthday party for me.

I had forgotten when we booked it that I scheduled my fill for the day before so I wasn't supposed to eat. So I decided I'd just have a little icing. But of course, with the cake in front of me, so pretty and all, and all my coworkers around me, I just had to have a nibble.

And when that nibble went down okay, I ate a small piece!

And when that piece went down okay...

I think you might know what happened here. They *insisted* I take a piece home for later since SO MUCH was left. And they *insisted* I take some for Alex, which I then went back to my desk with, and it was just staring at me. So I slowly picked, until somehow another piece was gone.

Then, I threw the rest out! And the leftovers of the whole big cake went to the kitchen. It's amazing how when it's just a little (chocolate with vanilla buttercream) it tastes soooo good, but then when i overdid it, it didn't taste as good and i felt GROSS!

Back on all liquids today. My only indulgence has been coffee, and I'm okay with that!

That's me with my assistant below. I was quite tickled with that little extra touch of having my name on the cake! It was from a posh little bakery here in Tribeca too which is fun!

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