Monday, September 7, 2009

I bought a new wedding dress

So as I've mentioned Alex and I are getting married Nov 7th. I'm very excited! However, I was having my wedding dress customized, and when it came in the mail for the first fitting, I just didn't like it! I guess that's the chance you take.

Wedding dress shopping in general was frustrating because of the lack of plus size dresses I could try on. And the general policy is that if you buy it, you can't return it. So I wasn't in a position to even order any of the dresses that weren't in my size to try them on.

So when the dress came in recently, I made an appointment to at least try some options at the new David's Bridal that opened in Manhattan knowing that at least online they have more plus size options.

While they didn't have any of the dresses I had liked online, they did have things in my size I could try on. (yay!)

So on a whim, I got a new dress (shown here). It was a steal of a deal price-wise which made it not as bad that the first one didn't work (that one was a steal too!)

The catch is, I had to take a guess on the size since I'm losing weight. So I ordered one size lower than what I tried on.

So nowwwwww, I better get to losing! The dress arrives early October, and I'll be upset if it doesn't fit. Of course, I've already thought I might be wearing double spanx if it doesn't fit! ha!

The wedding isn't until Nov 7th however, so I have 2 months to lose one dress size. Definitely doable.

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  1. this is the most lovely wedding dress ever !!! I always wanted to wear one like yours ! unfortunately our wedding was soooooo "special" (it was a "champĂȘtre" (pastoral ???) one so I didn't wear a wedding dress only a linen long dress ! You choose a very amazing one ! like in the movies ! you will be beautiful aaaaannnnnddddd don't panic ! you will lose one size in time ;-) smooches sweetie