Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Alex's big day tomorrow

So the big news is that I'm not the only lap-band patient in the family. My fiancee Alex is undergoing the procedure tomorrow! He doesn't want me posting pics of him, but he said he was fine with me posting about it.

He's lost 18 pounds in his pre-op diet these past two weeks, although his process at NYU hasn't been anywhere near as positive as mine. Mostly it has to do with the people who handle the booking. It was a bit absurd the mistakes they kept making with his surgery date!

Most recently, he went for pre-admission testing and his bloodwork was off. NYU retested it and it was still off. So this week he rushed, got a hematologist, who took 12 VIALS of blood, and finally said that yes, he is perfectly healthy and fine for surgery. But he only got the okay TODAY, and his surgery is TOMORROW morning! So he was quite anxious not knowing whether or not he'd be having surgery.

I'll post tomorrow with an update on his procedure. His surgery is scheduled for 7.30 a.m.

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