Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today's a hungry day!

Tried to call again to make an appt for a fill, but i swear, they are always closed! It's tricky too because i have to go find a phone in private since i'm in a cube and most people at work don't know.

Feeling pretty hungry today. I think the exercise is catching up with me.

I track my food everyday (mostly) but today I think i'll do it publicly, so here goes.

half a coffee with sweetener & cream
raw cashews
220 calories

remaining raw cashews
protein shake
vegetable soup
iced tea
425 calories

280 calories

SOOOO sleepy

Snack 2
Coffee and piece of dark chocolate
125 calories

Refried beans with cheese and pico de gallo
350 calories

Total (so far)
1400 calories

Exercise (according to gmap pedometer)
[burned - 450 calories]

Commute-burning / dog-walking calories
[-370 calories]

Total minus exercise...
580 calories!

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