Sunday, September 13, 2009

We ordered out for the first time

So Alex is on to soft foods now. Yay! As of yesterday, he's lost 30 pounds! Major congrats to him. You can really see it in his face especially, and he's been shocked the last few days getting dressed because his shirts are all loose on him now.

So last night, for the first time in months, we ordered delivery. I never ordered delivery before moving to NY. Except pizza of course. But here, anything you want you can get at your door. For us, delivery took the place of fast food. Delivery was a major downfall for us as we ordered out most nights of the week.

For whatever reason, we decided to order out last night. Alex's was psyched to be able to eat again at the end of his liquid diet and this place had refried beans and cheese for his soft food diet. I ordered sopes and chips. Sopes are thick grilled tortillas with beans, sour cream, cheese and veg. Normally I would've ordered something else as well, but I couldn't even eat half my meal and most of the chips are left. Alex felt the same way.

Looking at what we did eat, we were thinking, wow, there must have been a fair number of calories in that, so just imagine how many we were consuming before!

This won't be becoming a habit however but it was nice to order out and be "normal" again.

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