Sunday, September 13, 2009


As a part of this whole process of weight loss and life revision, I'm trying to be more active. Whether that be getting out of the house more, working out more, walking the dogs longer, or being more active around the house.

I have an ambitious list of things to do around the house today. Strip and refinish our dining room table, sand the coffee table, paint at least one kitchen wall, organize the linen shelving and clean the hell up!

I actually said to myself before I went to sleep last night, I'm going to wake up in the morning and get really active and do all the stuff i want to do. So far so good: dogs walked, laundry taken, shopping x2, grocery shopping, and even a street fair (on the way to the store).

Posting this now to have some accountability. I'm okay if I don't do ALL of that, but i want to get at least some of the first three items done while the weather is good. I'll check in later for an update! Now I just have to get off the computer and get to it!

(It's the first day of football season, so I'm motivated to go do my own things while Alex indulges in all things football!)

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  1. Good luck on whatever decision you will make. And good luck on your weight loss journey.