Thursday, September 3, 2009

Alex is out of surgery and all went well!

I'm happy to say Alex is doing well. He was really out of it when I saw him in the anesthesia recovery unit, but he was okay. His biggest complaint was the pain in his shoulder. That hit me when I woke up too, but they've got him on a morphine drip.

I've also already been to the pharmacy to pick up his hydrocodone for tomorrow.

I'll be back to see him later today. I was surprised that visiting hours are only from 2 to 8pm at NYU (Tisch Hospital). Right now, he hasn't been assigned a room yet.

He also had a hiatal hernia repaired in addition to having the lap-band put in.

The most motivating thing was that they weighed him right before surgery, and he ended up losing 25 pounds in his two week pre-op liquid diet. Shocking and impressive!

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