Monday, July 20, 2009

Fridge Purge

After being inspired by this previous post about completely clearing out the fridge, I decided to do just that tonight before I start my liquid diet. It really is symbolic of clearing all the crap out of my diet and life.

Since Alex won't be on a liquid diet, I did leave him his eggs and a few other things! And for guests, I've left some alcohol and sodas we never drink anyway. As for the condiments, for now they stay. We'll see what happens to them.

However, once all of my protein shakes from amazon arrive and once I go vegetable shopping, it'll be a lot less bare. For now, I'll get to keep trying some of the new protein shakes we got at GNC and at the neighborhood drug stores. Supposedly the myoplex is terrible according to Alex. I haven't tried it myself yet. But there are lots of other brands here too, just to provide some variety.

I'm quite happy that I don't have to ditch my morning coffee either.

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