Thursday, June 25, 2009

Empty Fridge

I had a weird thought last night when I went to get a shake from the fridge. I actually can't wait to have an empty fridge. With nothing in it except shakes and maybe some veg and water. For the liquid fast part of the diet (since they do let us have 2 cups of veg a day).

Somehow that just seems to be symbolic of purging all the crap and starting new.

Will definitely have to plan on a good clean out of both the fridge and the cabinet. It feels rather liberating. (I say that now!)


  1. Just catching up on my blog reading today. I commend your honesty and courage sharing this blog - I'm sure you'll help others by documenting your journey. I hate Slim Fast. It tastes like flavored chalk and Splenda. Yuck. I hope some of the other ones are better. Weight Watchers makes a shake, too, but that's probably ALL Splenda! Anyway, if I didn't tell you already, congrats on making a tough decision. I hope the scheduling issues work out. And my offer to take you home afterwards still stands!

  2. Thanks Nora! I definitely appreciate that! I'll take a look at the WW shakes too. Went to GNC yesterday. They were kind've jerky though. "Can I assume you want protein shakes for weight loss...."