Monday, July 27, 2009

Whew! Just scheduled my esophagram

I almost friggin forgot my esophogram! Oh no!

The surgeon requires an x-ray of my esophogus to make sure there are no obstructions before surgery. But they've been so low-key about it the whole time--it was never required in advance of any appointments or approvals--that I kept putting it off. Until of course last minute.

So this morning I got all nervous that it would be hard to get an appointment, especially since I'll be wicked busy all week with our sales mtg. But NYU's radiology dept was very cool about it, and they squeezed me into the appointment I wanted! AND it's only a couple of days before the results are in and they just fax them to my surgeon. Easy peasy.

Dealing with NYU has been surprisingly pleasant. I'm not talking about the bariatric surgery team, they've been great minus one iffy staff member. But being sent back and forth around the hospital has been clear and easy. All the various departments quite nice, easy-going and friendly.

I can't say the same when I had a lot of back and forth at Mass General in Boston a number of years back.

My GP was a bit surprised they'd leave the esophogram until so late however. Because if there is a random blockage, then the whole thing is off (I'm guessing?!) I think that's quite rare however, so I'm not really worried about it...

UPDATE: Just totally cracked myself up! I've replaced the x-ray image as it seems as though the first one was from some sort of animal, not a human! oops! I was wondering why the esophagram was sideways, but I just figured the person was laying down. I didn't figure the person was actually a dog or a horse or something.... ;)

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