Saturday, July 4, 2009

Engagement photos

I'm getting excited about the surgery again. I was so bogged down in all the research I was doing about it, obsessing I'm sure, that I was caught up in all the logistics and details.

In wedding planning, I've come across lots of really fun, creative engagement photos. My mom also suggested engagement pics recently too.

However, Alex and I were just talking and have decided to postpone our engagement pics, and instead do them when we've lost weight. I guess we'll have to decide what the "marker" number will be. I think for me, 75lbs lost... Though of course I have more to lose (or else I wouldn't be having surgery!)

I've shared some of the engagement photos I like. Definitely not traditional, but more modern-meets-vintage that seems to be the style right now. Love them! Especially the shot in the grass above. And we'll have to include our dogs in the pics too!

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  1. I just found your blog and I'm reading through all the posts, so if you see anything else from me, my apologies! Don't know if you found a photographer yet, but I have friends in Brooklyn (really, this is not some troll post trying to give business to this person!) and they used this photographer:

    *Amazing* work, really.