Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eating Out on the Pre-Op Diet

This week at work has been crazy, and I think that's good in terms of distracting me from being hungry or eating out of habit; however, we had a week-long workshop which meant lots of work lunches and a dinner out.

For the lunches during the workshop I ordered a dry salad and then stepped away and had a protein shake. Someone did comment on that I hadn't really eaten anything, but I said I didn't like my salad, which one day I really didn't, and said I'd gone downstairs and had something, which I did, a protein shake.

Luckily vegetables are allowed on this diet otherwise I'd have no "cover." If you recall, this is the list of what I can eat.

And for our business dinner, I made an effort to choose the restaurant (did the same thing for the lunches too). For dinner we went to a New American restaurant called Beacon here in New York City. I often try and go with the Critics Picks on New York Magazine's website.

Being a foodie, one of the perks I've always loved about my job is all the high end restaurants we get to go to. My boss is a foodie too, so in my time with the company, I've been to many of the city's best restaurants. Luckily, I'm big on ambiance and decor in addition to the food, so with this dinner at Beacon there was still something to look forward to.

I had a shake beforehand and then ordered things but just had a few bites of each. Tomato soup (a few sips), grilled asparagus they ordered for the table (just a little because of the oil) and then my salad with my fork just dipped in the dressing, not poured over the salad. Then a decaf coffee for dessert. It was a fun evening, good company and good food (I'm appreciating small details like the fantastic salad dressing even more than usual). Not awkward at all.

Someone did comment privately about the fact that I must be on a diet for the wedding, so that's another explanation when people ask about all this weight I'm losing.

I don't mind talking about the surgery with close friends, but I really don't want to talk openly about it at work. Next week is our sales meeting, so there will be even more lunches and dinners and this time I can't control where we go. So this should be interesting!

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