Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time to Fess Up! I've been a bit out of control

When even Alex is making comments about my eating, I know it's time to suck it up and do something.  Some of it might be working from home too.  I just want to friggin eat ALL THE TIME!  Snack snack snack!

People talk about the band and healthy eating not being "a diet" and all, but for me, I just need rules and restrictions and some discipline otherwise it's an all out feeding frenzy.  All the weight is just creeping back on.  For whatever reason I have ZERO interest in exercise, but I was thinking it would be quite lovely to eat lots of fresh veg and just stick to that cooking and being creative.  I'm also going to give the Wii fit a shot.   

So I've decided to try and kick start myself and lose a few pounds so my clothes fit again(!) I'm going to do a variation of my pre-surgery diet.  Some protein shakes and lots and lots of fresh veg!  We went shopping today and I'm all stocked up.  

Usually once I get a start, that helps in making me want to do more exercise more.


  1. Good luck Heather! Everyone's different, so find what works for you. If you need rules, use them.
    I can't say I'm any more motivated than you to exercise.

  2. Hi Heather.. you need to find what works for you.. but I agree with you that once I get "in the zone" and a bit disciplined.. things tend to move forward for me..good luck.. keep us updated..

  3. It sounds like a good plan to jump start with the presurgery mix. Truthfully, nearly every blog I have read is going thru a rough weekend. I'm attributing it to the moon. :) Sounds reasonable! Good luck!
    Surgery Date: May 25