Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another pound down and a little outpatient surgery

I woke up to find myself another pound down today. Yay!

Otherwise, it hasn't been a fab day. I had a very minor surgical procedure this morning and now I have 8 stitches on my scalp and two very nasty looking scars. And they shaved a wee bit of my hair. This was all to remove two very large cysts. Ew!

They cut me up and sent me home and after having stayed up super late for an important work project I had due this afternoon and getting up relatively early for me for the procedure, I'm pooped. Plus I have no medicine for the post procedure pain. Which is fine, but it is super tender and I have a really wicked headache even after taking a couple of excedrin migraine. Normally just one does the trick.

Alex had driven me to the appointment and back and afterwards, he was like, "you want to drive through and get something? You've been so good and you deserve it since you just had surgery." OH NO! So this morning I said no but after work, with my raging headache, I broke down and had a frappe minus the whipped cream. And a bean burrito. I'm still within my current low daily calories window, but it did kind of blow my whole veggie extravaganza/no sugar/no carbs thing. Depending on what I do for the rest of the day, that will likely put me over a bit.


  1. Sounds painfully - hopefully it's not too bad. You're doing great on your veggie plan! Maybe I should try it...

  2. Oh, you still have this blog? I couldnt find it before. Never mind. The veggie plan sounds great. You're a better woman than me - thats a lotta green stuff lol.

  3. You did wonderful with you little "break down", that is not a bad meal! You are making good choices and still living - that is the point of the band, for me at least! Hope you feel better soon. <3

  4. Thanks y'all. The plan is definitely to be normal and just make smarter choices after this veg kickoff ends. Cara, I don't have this blog visible on my profile so it can be hard to find. Since I have other blogs that my colleagues and friends know about I like to try and be more discreet with this band blog. But I'm glad you found me again!

  5. That is awesome.. may the scale continue to go down. Hope you feel better from your procedure and yes that breakdown was nothing!!!go you