Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Super Full

Just one more reminder that the band friggin works in terms of making me full! I had half a can of beans with salsa, light sour cream and a smidge of cheese. And wow, I'm full!

I'm fine for now but my head doesn't entirely accept my stomach's conclusion that no more food is necessary!

The great thing about this week's veggie extravaganza (even if it's beans in this case) is that this type of eating allows me to eat so much and still be so low in calorie count!

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes I really like a veggie binge. There's actually some really yummy things to make that don't altogether ruin their benefits. Not just an excuse to eat butter! I love grilling just about any veggie, as I've discovered it's ALL good.

    Thanks for telling me about your hypnosis experiences. I think my doctor is going for suppressed memories. We don't ever talk about weight per se, but I figure being mentally healthy will only help me in my weight goals.

    I like you're new pic... I LOVE your hair. I wish mine would be really round and full like that. Is that your natural color? If not, will you tell me what the name of it is?