Monday, May 17, 2010

Veggie Extravaganza

Today was day 1 of 5 of my veggie extravaganza. I just needed a major kick start so my rules are all-vegetables plus a very limited amount of skinny proteins and protein shakes. I'm allowing a piece of fruit too as a treat.

I'm trying to stay at around 1000 calories a day so I'm counting calories too.

The twist is that I decided that I'd get into foodie-mode making the vegetable dishes. That's my challenge and what keeps my mind occupied. So today for lunch I made a lima bean, pea, onion and red pepper salad with a little balsamic and salt and pepper. SOO SOO good! I never would have thought of it except that a friend and I had a sample of something similar recently. I switched it up a bit. I'll post a link to the exact recipe on my other blog soon.

For an early dinner, I made a pasta- and oil-free version of this asparagus and mushroom dish with tomatoes, garlic, soy bacon crumbles, and a smidge of parmesan cheese.

I was doing really well until we went to run some errands and went to the grocery store. That really made me want to binge on cookies and sweets. So instead I got a sugar free fudge pop. Didn't totally do the trick and when i got home I found myself eating a little bit of peanut butter. But it's a protein and I kept it in my food count.

I just want to get rid of all the sugar and carbs in my system this week, lose a couple of pounds (this morning the scale was up ANOTHER 2 pounds since yesterday!), and just be in a better mindset. From there, I might start Weight Watchers when we're back from our NYC / Peru trips. Something I'm more likely to be able to maintain from here on out.

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  1. I printed out the recipe. Paula Deen always does a great job and it looks delish! I had an urge for peanut butter today too...not good since I'm supposed to be on the Presurgery 10 day liquid diet. I justified it as protein. :)
    I like the new hair cut.
    Surgery Date: May 25