Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bell pepper in a hole

Mmm...had these for breakfast, minus the yolks and without any of the optional bread in the recipe.

I did baby red bell peppers however so they were smaller. The recipe post also suggests doing an cooked ring of onion with the egg inside. That was the BEST. The onion really complimented the egg flavor.

In general, I miss some of the sugar and carbs on my veggie extravaganza, but I *love* what I am able to eat. YUM!

Recipe and photo above from Gina's Recipes. Definitely a favorite website for healthy recipes.


  1. I love red pepper and that looks so delicious.. I am definitely putting that on my must try list.. thanks!!

  2. I printed it out so that when I finish my next two months of: liquids, liquids and more liquids I can try this. Anything looks good right now!
    Surgery Date: May 25

  3. Love the new haircut/picture! Those peppers and eggs look yummy.

  4. Looks yum! Good on you for hitting the restart button!!! I think once you get the inspiration of seeing the numbers on the scale going down AND maybe get a fill you will feel in control! We didn't get this surgery to struggle, but to have help!

  5. That looks delicious...will have to try it sometime