Monday, May 17, 2010

Dr. K was right!

Before I left NYC, when I saw Dr. Kurian and told her about our move, she mentioned to me that I might have trouble finding a doctor who would take patients who had already been banded. She said that some bariatric doctors prefer to take on follow up care only for their own patients.

My interpretation was that it just isn't profitable enough for them to handle maintenance.

There are a few lap-band places here in Austin, so I called the one that was recommended to me today to get an appointment for a fill, and I was told about their approval process.

The receptionist explained how the panel of doctors needs to see my paperwork and decide whether or not they'll accept me. She explained that since I haven't had problems since the surgery and since I had the surgery in NYC because I lived there at the time, that they would likely accept me. She added that mostly, they just don't want all the people going to Mexico for surgery (especially here in TX I guess?) ending up as their patients to take care of.

I was a bit shocked that she said that so openly! And in many ways it fits with what Dr. K had warned me about, though I guess I won't have a problem being approved.

She asked my pre-surgery and current weight and then said, oh yes, you really do need some follow up! : (

So now I have to put together my documentation for them and wait to be approved by their committee!


  1. Its the first step that is the hardest. I know once you get a doctor and get some more fill you will start loosing again. Hang in there !!!

  2. Oh good gracious! That seems ridiculous but I guess it is what it is. I hope you get approval - sure sounds promising. Best yet - I hope you like THEM!

  3. I know for sure that True Results ( will take you. My surgery was done at the TR in ATL and I spoke to the NP about their policy on fills for patients not having their fills done in house. All they require is that your original surgeon send over any documentation in their files.

    Hope you find one! I had a hard time when I moved to NJ. It's not a fun thing to do.

  4. You should have no problem getting approved. I had to go through the same thing with Dr. Ren's office.

    BTW, I love the new hair cut, so cute! <3