Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Better Day

Today was a very interesting day.  After my funky post yesterday, Alex and I had a long talk about our goals and then we watched the movie An Education.  Phenomenal movie by the way.  I think between those three things (and all the support from you guys), I was just thinking about change and what's good in life and that definitely put me in a better more proactive mood.

Working from home today was still a bit of a downer at first, though i was at my desk and in my work clothes once again.  I was a bit on the slow side but productive.

And Alex and I are recording what we eat.  Always a major thing for me in regards to success.  For me, writing down what i eat consistently works!

Alex has been working out a lot and he decided to try no-carb today but tonight he was just going crazy thinking about what he can't have.  Literally a bit crazy.  Have rarely seen him like this.  And that was after he caved a wee bit and had some carbs.

He's big on the no carb approach since it's worked well for him before, but I try and remind him that Weight Watchers worked well for him before too!  And that we can do together. 

I have been really impressed with his workout regimen however.  I think for him, that's pretty key to his weight loss.  And my guess is he needs a fill, but he's not convinced!

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  1. glad today is a better day for you. I hate cutting out carbs- same thing happens to me that happened to your Alex- I get a bit nuts :-)

    I was reading an earlier post about your restriction- grrrrr, struggling with the same moving target, so at least we're not alone.