Saturday, April 24, 2010

Inconsistent band

I know most of you out there have experienced this.  Last night, I wasn't even feeling the band.  I'm starting a new kick cooking and eating healthier at home.  Had my dinner with proteins and veg and was shocked that I wasn't full after.  I kept saying I was "hungry" though that's a relative thing.

But I was a smidge hungry so I had more, and then a little more after that.  I got satisfied though never full.

Now, I'm trying to eat a couple of strawberries and I'm full.  I needed this restriction last night!


  1. You know, Heather, I have to say, since surgery, I don't get that feeling of "full" anymore. Like never. I'm not HUNGRY...but that old feeling of "ugh...SO full!" doesn't happen, even if I know I've eaten way too much (which I did last night, bad naughty Gilly!) I got a dull pain in my shoulder for a while, but that was it. It's a real effort to keep to my one cup of food sometimes (aka: last night). But I'm not waiting for the full's just not happening.

  2. Gilly, I'm so surprised. It's interesting sharing stuff like this. By Full I mean restricted. That's what the band is all about for me. Do you not feel restricted at all?