Friday, April 9, 2010

I sucked it up and weighed myself

So I've been more active since moving to Texas.  Walk, walk, walk...  I have some pics I need to share of Town Lake.  It's just so pretty outside that I love being out and about.

The counter to that though is that with all this travel and working like a dog and just my very nature, I have been eating out for most meals.  We need to just suck it up and go full on shopping and start cooking again!

I keep telling myself to at least write everything I eat down, even when I go overboard.  But then I get caught up in work and only end up with a half days calories documented.

The other thing I hadn't done was weigh myself.  We packed up the scale in Feb and only just unpacked it recently.  So this morning, I got on the scale.  Up 6 pounds in three months.  Not the right direction.  Surprisingly I'm okay with it, but not sure i should be.  I guess maybe I thought it would be worse.

Time to update the sidebar tickers!  I'll have to give some thought to what I can do to change my attitude mentally.  The band is working in the literal sense but my head is the same as it ever was.


  1. Good to hear from you Heather. Glad you are enjoying your new home in Texas. Now that you are more settled you will get back on track, I am sure of it. Have you set yourself up with a new doctor? Perhaps your fill needs a little tweaking? Keep posting here and I am sure all your fellow bandsters will offer you all the great support you need. You can do this. Make yourself a priority. Your health and well being matter.

  2. Six pounds in three months with all of the stress of moving etc is not bad sister!! Take advantage of the car and one of those Texas sized grocery stores and make it an adventure to get back to shopping and cooking. I'm completely jealous of both the car and the supersize grocery store! I love those!!!!