Friday, April 2, 2010

Hanging out poolside

Today was such a gorgeous day I decided to go for a swim in the late afternoon.  I've been back in Austin since Wednesday and am exploring everything now. I figured that since it had been in the 80s all day, the water would be nice and warm.

Turns out that I was wrong!  It was rather chilly.  Even after getting in and trying to get used to it.

The pool area is just lovely however.  So much so that I even got Alex to hang out there for a while.  I'll definitely be back.

The gym is down next to the pool as well, though I haven't done much more than scope it out.

We were the only ones in the pool area.  There's a pic of me below.  I wasn't all that shy in my swimsuit until Alex reminded me that alllll of the apartments above look down on the pool!  


  1. You are so lucky to have a swimming pool and a gym in your complex - it is like living in a hotel :-)

  2. Very lucky! Colour me green with envy :)