Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trip to the Emergency Room!

Hopefully I can share this warning with those of you out there with high blood pressure or loved ones with high bp.

After a lovely morning walking around the lake earlier this week, Alex and I talked about lunch and he said he wasn't hungry.  Then we ran a quick errand, and he was saying he felt nauseous.  Got back to the apartment and he started throwing up.

I just assumed that he had a stomach bug but after about an hour he asked to go to the emergency room.  He said he'd just never felt like that before.  I have to admit when I thought it was a stomach bug, it seemed extreme to go to the hospital, but I'm so glad that we did considering how things turned out!

He's fine now, but it turned out that his blood pressure was up near 200, and that was causing intense headaches and nausea.  Given the headache, they did a cat scan just as a precaution, but he was all clear.

Alex had high blood pressure problems in the past but after the band, it had gone back to normal and our general practitioner had said he could go off his RX. Obviously, without medication, it had gone back up, but he didn't know.

We followed up post-ER visit with our new doctor who gave him a stronger prescription, and his numbers are lower already.  The doctor said to take it easy and be cautious with the walks and exercise but that he can continue walking, etc.moderately.

We also got him an at home blood pressure monitor though it's pretty unreliable in its readings.  Might need to try a wrist one instead.

Bottom line, is that high blood pressure can sneak up on you and you have to take it seriously!  I certainly will from now on!


  1. I thought I would be able to stop my BP meds after being banded, but mine crept back up as well and I am back on it. My PCP warned me that losing weight did not guarantee my BP would be normal, other factors including hereditary are causes.

    I have a wrist monitor that is quite accurate and I am very happy with it. The manufacturer is ReliOn.

    Glad he is taking precautions now.

  2. so glad he's ok. take care!! *hugs*

  3. My family has a history of high blood pressure and sure enough i have it to! However, with the meds it always reads perfect. So i asked the Dr one day why not stop them and he said exactly what happened to Alex that it will gradually go back sky high without them.
    Glad you guys got it checked out!!

  4. VERY scary-- I'm so glad that he had the sense that something needed medical attention and that you guys went.
    BP meds are totally effective, so as long as he stays with them-- I'll bet he is in the clear. Take good care... Vanessa

  5. Wow- glad he is okay. This is a good reminder. The band helps a lot but sometimes people at lower weights get high BP, too and we should be aware of it....

  6. Thanks everyone for your positive thoughts and wishes! Also a good reminder about staying on program too!

  7. OMG I am so glad he is ok but you must have been freaking out!!!