Sunday, January 19, 2014

Eating when I'm tired & using a "holiday weekend" as a good excuse to eat?

So it's been 2 weeks since we kick-started and things are going well. 6lbs down overall and my clothes are fitting much, much better. I was creeping up into a bigger size before the holidays and that has been curtailed!

The first week of "dieting" my energy level absolutely sky-rocketed with all the healthy food, and I feel great. We were being super strict week one and that gradually loosened up a bit week 2, but we're still on track.

I had to deal with all the things that usually make me go off the rails. We had a major investor pitch and got pretty much no sleep. When I don't sleep, I eat to somehow make up for the lack of energy and to "reward" myself.

Plus, if my husband says screw it, as he tried to during our crunch time, I often use that as an excuse too.  I kept him on track last weekend, had just a bit of stress eating that day, without much damage.

But then the MLK holiday weekend came, and I found myself saying, it's a holiday, so of course i can splurge. I splurged a bit but not bad at all minus some donuts. Alex reigned me in thank goodness. I hate, hate, hate someone else trying to control or comment on my food intake but...I'll admit it worked.

So we have to keep each other on track rather than be bad influences as we have in the past.

As I've learned over and over, weight loss isn't about a "fix" where once you lose weight, everything is great. It's all about management. Everyday, all the time. No magic to it.

I just did a bit of shopping, hung out with friends this weekend and saw the movie "Her" which I loved. Plus the weather here in LA is gorgeous, so I'm feeling pretty fantastic. Here's to a healthy week ahead!


  1. Getting through any holiday or easy excuse is hard, so be proud you got back on track. As part of a couple that struggles with our weight too, it's so easy to enable bad habits, but it seems harder when you're working on good ones. Why is that? Love that you're blogging again.

  2. I still haven't really gotten back on track since right before Christmas, so I feel ya.

  3. I must say I laughed at your title, I'll use any excuse to eat if I'm wanting to eat and being 'bad.' Ha ha.