Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pony Tails and Photo Tricks

I had to update my profile pic finally. I've posted the old one here for reference. :(

I just don't at all look like the old one anymore. I'm a few years older and am now at my heaviest (again, grrr) plus, no more bangs, i have long hair, and it's pretty much always pulled back. Constant pony tails are never a good sign of where things stand in my life.

My new profile pic is what I call a #dogselfie - It's one of the most recent pics of me from my 2-week holiday break with one of my dogs Cali. We were on a road trip driving from California to Texas. All my photos these days involve major cropping, a bit of contortion, flattering angles and this chin thing a DMV photographer (of all people) told me about. I hadn't learned the trick in the pic above.

But this pic here is from Christmas Eve where the "trick" is in effect (and notice the hair pulled back!) I'm bending over so it's not the best cropping on this photo, but it was an image I had easily accessible. And no double chins! I'll try and find some "bad" pics for contrast, lol!

The trick: jut out your chin and lean your head ever so slightly down. It may feel artificial but it creates the illusion of a stronger jaw line in photos. I also do a thing where i suck in my double chin a bit! lol! So sad I know, but I know some others of you out there have little tricks too! Takes a bit of practice in the mirror (so VAIN! i know!), but the trick works for me.


  1. So nice to see you again, Heather!! That is awesome re the free MBA -- way to go! And, I love your outlook and refocusing on weight loss in this landmark year. My 40th b-day was a big landmark in my weight loss journey, too. It felt so good to come into that decade knowing that I was healthier than I'd been in my 30s, and I can't wait for you to get to enjoy that feeling, too!

    1. Thanks so much Catherine! It's been so long I wasn't sure if anyone would still be out there! Your blog has definitely been an inspiration. Congrats on the marriage as well!